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RoCmod Admin Commands
Here is an incomplete list of the RoCmod Admin commands that can be used on the server.
All of these should be proceeded with /adm in the console and in most cases, should be followed by a player number.
All of the commands in red can only be used for match mode.

talk - Send a message to all players usage : /adm talk {message}

chat - Send a message to all admins usage : /adm chat {message}

kick - Kick a player off the server usage : /adm kick {player number}

ban - Kick a player off the server for a length of time usage : /adm ban {player number} {time}

cancelvote - Cancel the current vote usage : /adm cancelvote

passvote - Passes the current vote usage : /adm passvote

mute - Mute or unmute a player usage : /adm mute {player number}

suspend - Toggle your admin status on or off usage : /adm suspend

pause - Pauses the game usage : /adm pause

unpause - Resumes a paused game usage : /adm unpause

freezemap - Freezes or unfreezes the current map in the mapcycle usage : /adm freezemap

strike - Kill a player usage : /adm strike {player number}

slap - Knock a player back with a taunt usage : /adm slap {player number} {slap ID}

strip - Strip a player of all weapons usage : /adm strip {player number}

forceteam - Force a player onto a particular team usage : /adm forceteam {player number} {red/blue}

switch - Move a player onto the opposite team usage : /adm switch {player number}

penalty - Throw a player in the penalty box usage : /adm penalty {player number}

unpenalty - Prematurely pulls a player out of the penalty box usage : /adm unpenalty {player number}

gametype - Sets the game type usage : /adm gametype {type}

restart - Restarts the current map usage : /adm restart

map - Switches to a specific map usage : /adm map {map name}

warmup - Turns warmup on or off usage : /adm warmup {on/off}

friendlyfire - Turns friendly fire on or off usage : /adm friendlyfire {on/off}

extendtime - Extends the timelimit by a certain amount usage : /adm extendtime {minutes}

timelimit - Sets the timelimit to a specific amount usage : /adm timelimit {minutes}

scorelimit - Sets the scorelimit to a specific amount usage : /adm scorelimit {score}

swapteams - Swaps the teams usage : /adm swapteams

shuffleteams - Randomly mixes up the teams usage : /adm shuffleteams

endmap - Ends the current map and moves to the next one on the cycle usage : /adm endmap

lock - Locks or unlocks a team usage : /adm lock {red/blue}

suspendall - Force all admins to suspend their admin status usage : /adm suspendall

fry - Set a player on fire usage : /adm fry {player number}

launch - Tosses a player up into the air usage : /adm launch {player number}

explode - Detonates a player from within usage : /adm explode {player number}

plant - Immobilizes a player usage : /adm plant {player number}

telefrag - Kills a player by telefragging them usage : /adm telefrag {player number}

surrender - Strips a player of all weapons and puts their hands in the air usage : /adm

respawn - Forces a player to respawn usage : /adm surrender {player number}

bait - Plants a player in the enemy spawn, defenseless usage : /adm bait {player number}

forcesay - Forces a player to say something usage : /adm forcesay {message}

eventeams - Evens the teams usage : /adm eventeams

invite - Invites a player to join or spectate a locked team usage : /adm invite {player number} {red/blue}

swap - Swaps two players between opposite teams usage : /adm swap {player number} {player number}

clanvsall - Moves all clan members to one team usage : /adm clanvsall {red/blue}

pbkick - Use PunkBuster to kick a player usage : /adm pbkick {player number} {time}

pbban - Permanently ban a player using PunkBuster usage : /adm pbban {player number}

pbgetss - Take a screenshot of a player (using PunkBuster) usage : /adm pbgetss {player number}

startmatch - Begins a match, with special server settings usage : /adm startmatch

endmatch - Ends the current match, returning to normal settings usage : /adm endmatch

forcematch - Forces a match to start, even if all players aren't ready usage : /adm forcematch

dummy - Marks or unmarks a player as a target dummy usage : /adm dummy {player number}

novote - Prevents a player from voting usage : /adm novote {player number} {minutes}

rename - Changes a player's name usage : /adm rename {player number} {new name}

cvarcheck - Displays the value of a player's cvar usage : /adm cvarcheck {player number} {cvar}

cripple - Weakens a player's health and damage usage : /adm cripple {player number}

backfire - Causes a player's own bullets to turn against him usage : /adm backfire {player number}

password - Changes the server password usage : /adm password {password}

reset - Resets all gametype entities usage : /adm reset

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